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Junior golfers need time management skills!

By Admin, 10/08/15, 2:30PM CDT


It is widely known that college golfers have huge challenges when it comes to missing class. This is why junior golfers need to have exceptional time management skills when transitioning into college golf.

College golfers miss a lot of class due to tournaments. Sometimes college golfers will miss 2 – 3 days a week because of travel. Now, some junior golfers might be thinking “that is awesome, I get to miss 2-3 days of class and play golf”. In the short term, it might be awesome, but in the long term it will be a huge challenge academically.

Junior golfers need to practice great time management skills in high school because it will only get more difficult once you arrive at college. Coaches and their teams have requirements due to NCAA bylaws. Coaches are more focused on academics because of those academic standards.

At College Golf Camps, we broach the topic of “transitioning from junior golf to college golf” and this is one of the main topics that is discussed. That and having to do your own laundry. 

Junior golfers: we encourage you to sharpen your time management skills and minimize the distractions around you. You only get one chance to get it right, stay focused on your goals!! TIME MANAGEMENT MATTERS!!