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10 Aspects Every Junior Golfer Needs to Know from College Golf Coaches

By Admin, 10/11/15, 2:30PM CDT


One of the unique aspects of College Golf Camps of America is the written evaluations and feedback that each junior golfer receives from college golf coaches.

Parents do you feel like Lewis & Clark on the Oregon Trail? Not really knowing where you are going, you just know that you are going.

Where else can junior golfers receive such a great tool? College Golf Camps provides 10 aspects every junior golfer needs to know from college golf coaches.

Imagine a college golf coach writing feedback about your game in it’s current state and then discussing it. Of course, these evaluations are subjective. Our college golf coaches write evaluations based on the following aspects of junior golfers:

1. Body language

2. Mental focus

3. Pre-shot routine

4. Set-up

5. Putting skills

6. Short game skills

7. Ball striking

8. Biggest strength

9. Area for improvement

10. General thoughts on the junior golf camper

These aspects of junior golf are paramount. Each camper receives at 3 of these evaluations at all of our junior golf camps.

Parents and junior golfers are trying to navigate a trail much like Lewis & Clark navigated the Oregon trail. They didn’t know exactly where they were going. They were going by a hope and pray. And listened to what “locals” said.

So would you drive from Orlando to New York today without Google maps or GPS? Of course not!!

College Golf Camps can be extremely helpful navigating the junior golf landscape. Attending one of our junior golf camps can change the trajectory of your opportunities because of the education and instruction our college golf coaches provide.

You can receive a clear cut map at College Golf Camps.

College Golf Camps is open to any junior golfer limited only by age, gender and total campers