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Your Time in Junior Golf is Running Out

By Admin, 10/28/15, 2:30PM CDT


Your time in junior golf is running out and it’s time to start making some decisions. At College Golf camps, we can help you with that! Check out our list of decisions you should make for future in college golf and beyond!

Let’s list out the decisions you need to make as a family with your junior golfer.

– Who is your instructor?

– Should I have a mental coach?

– Should I have a strength coach?

– What tournaments should you play in?

– How many tournaments should I play in?

– What equipment should I be using?

– Which tour should you play on?

– What is the NCAA?

– What is the NCAA clearinghouse?

– What is the SAT/ACT?

– When should I take the SAT/ACT?

– How do I gain exposure to college golf?

– How do I get the opportunity to interact with college golf coaches?

– How can I showcase my skill-set to coaches?

– How can I compete in front of coaches?

– How do these rankings work?

Need help answering these questions? Let the real experts at College Golf Camps help you with that! College Golf Camps provides a exceptional educational opportunity for junior golfers to learn from college golf coaches, experience the competitive spirit with college golf coaches and interact with college golf coaches with the goal of improving as a golfer. And we know our stuff. Contact us today at 469-444-9200 or email us at