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Aspects to know about College Golf Camps of America

By Admin, 11/12/15, 2:30PM CST


“You cannot fear the experience you wish to have!!” – Wise person

What is the purpose of CGC?
Our mission at College Golf Camps is to provide the highest quality experience, while incorporating more then the “typical” junior golf experience. We focus on teaching and education with a portion of competition. We want to educate the parent, the student and the golfer. At CGC events, you can expect a first-class experience with advanced golf experiences, spirit of competition and most importantly having fun with the entire process.

What is the curriculum of College Golf Camps? 
Our curriculum is to teach the players and parents about golf through a rigorous 3 day experience. Players and Parents should expect a thorough education with special emphasis on the game of golf, improved skill-set and overall knowledge of golf. We offer a diversified experience without emphasis on instruction, practice or competition.

Based on my ability, is this camp for me? 
This camp is for any junior golfer who wants to play college golf and learn more about college golf. Your handicap does not matter. We will have advanced players and we will have players who are working to break 100. At the end of the day, we are not here to label players, we are here to provide an opportunity to improve your skills and learn from some of the best coaches in college golf. Our only restriction is age.

Who is eligible for a CGC event?
Any international and national junior golfer between the age of 10-18, under new NCAA guidelines.

How does CGC get so many College Coaches to attend?
CGC contracts the coaches under NCAA guidelines, which is why we can commit these coaches to our events.

Are parents allowed to attend the camp events? 
Absolutely, we encourage all parents to attend all clinics, seminars and workshops. Parents are restricted during tournament play and are not allowed to assist their son/daughter.

What is a typical daily schedule? 
Day 1 – Welcome Campers, dinner, junior golf/coach meet and greet, Camp Seminar, fundamentals skills workshop(6 hours)

Day 2 – 18 holes of competition(4.5 hours), lunch, afternoon clinics, seminars and workshops, short-game challenge(6.5 hours)

Day 3 – 18 holes of competition(4.5 hours), lunch, final clinic/seminar, campers excused by 6pm(6.5 hours)

Do junior golfers have to attend the entire camp?
No, but we highly advise that all campers attend all scheduled events.

What are the topics of the clinics, seminars and workshops?
At CGC, we like to think outside the box. We what to provide the highest value for the junior golfer and family. Topics examples include: “transition from H.S. to College Golf”, “Life Skills for the College Freshman”, “Body is your Business”, “A Golfers Mind”, “Heart of a Champion”, etc. We average of over 20 hours of education.

Are parents allowed to caddy?
No, sorry……

Are players allowed to use rangefinders? 
Yes, just like college players can use rangefinders so can you!!