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Golf Reality Check with Adam Young

By Admin, 01/25/16, 1:45PM CST


Golf Reality Check with Adam Young courtesy of Jordan Spieth.

Adam has worked at some of the top facilities in the world, including the Leadbetter Academies and the World famous Turnberry Resort. He currently teaches at one of Europe’s most prestigious resorts in La Manga Club, Spain. He is also Author of “The Practice manual – The ultimate Guide for Golfers”, a bestselling Golf book on Amazon.


Jordan Spieth won the Fedex cup last week – and over 22 million. You would think that winning 2 majors in a year, getting to number one in the world and capping it off with a Fedex win would mean the guy is infallible.

Check out this video of one of Jordan’s rounds

Lesson for all

The illusion of perfect play is simply that – an illusion. Even when a player wins a tournament, he/she will have many poor shots along the way. How you deal with that adversity will determine how you are as a player.

  • How do you react to a bad shot? Is it “Game over” for you once you hit one duffed shot? Or do you pick yourself up and move on, accepting that it will inevitably happen?
  • Are you able to grind it out, as I wrote in my popular article on Grit (click here)?
  • Do you still stick to the process, or do you go searching?
  • How well do you manage your confidence and expectation levels?

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