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A Drill For Better Compression

By Admin, 03/02/16, 1:30PM CST


There is so much information out there regarding the golf swing that it’s nearly impossible for anybody to sift through it all and decide what could be a game-changer for their game. In this article I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and trust me, improved wrist angles (particularly in the downswing) can make a massive difference in your ball striking.

In the wrist-centric Laser Beam drill I’d like to see the following:

a tee in your glove pointing away from your the back of your hand
curl the wrists under, bowing the lead wrist slightly, as you start the swing
sense a flat or slightly bowed wrist throughout the back and downswing
save your eyes! Point the tee away from your face all the way through impact

If you do this correctly you will sense an improved ability to hit draws and the additional compression will have the ball jumping off the clubface. Give this one a go!

An explanation of Compression


Andrew Rice